My name is Chelsea Bender.

As you can see above I am awkward during photoshoots. I decided to go with the picture that best describes me. I’m a mix of shy and a people person. I know, I’m confused too. I guess you could describe me as an ambivert, so I pretty much lie in between being introverted and extroverted. I love getting to know people and just being around others in general. Once you get to know me you find out I’m an open book, great listener and a loyal friend.

Fun fact: “Chelsea” means port for ships/landing place, so I like to think of myself as a welcoming person.

I met this funny guy in high school named Jeff Bender and ended up marrying him a year after graduating. We now have a daughter named Sadie. She has a big personality! Sadie means “princess” and that she is. The little lady definitely keeps us on our toes!

I’m a deep thinker and always making up analogies in my head.

If the opportunity comes to throw a party,  I’m your girl for that.

This mama is still in college. I’m one of those people who can say, ” I feel like I’ve been in school forever.” What would take the average college student 2 years has been taking me 7. But hey, I have grace towards myself and don’t sweat it. On my own journey here!

I can drink coffee at any time of the day. If Lorelei Gilmore were a real person I think we’d be great friends.

I love Jesus and singing, so I joined the worship team at my church.

I enjoy making a home feel cozy and welcoming. When I’m bored I sometimes re-decorate and move things around.

I’m organized but not very structured. If that makes sense. Too much structure drives me nuts. I prefer to go with the flow of the day, but still make sure to get to the things I need done. I love my planner because I can’t remember dates and times off  the top of my head to save my life.

I believe everyone has a call on their lives and is made for a unique purpose.

I started this blog simply because I love to write and share with others. Writing is my getaway place and how I best express the things I want to say. I like to keep it real and honest. I find myself writing about things I believe others can relate to and anything God puts on my heart.

Here you will find personal stories I have shared and things I have learned so far in motherhood. Since I also do a lot of DIY and repurpose projects you will find that on the blog as well.

My goal is to finish my book and get it published after I get my degree. Believeing it will all come together on God’s perfect timing.

I’m honestly just a woman who wants to do what I’m called to do in this life; in whatever ways God wants to use me to shine his light. It is my hope to see others go after their unique calling as well.

And here is my cute little family….

Favorite Quote: