From Writer To Writer

Have you ever asked yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing all because of the fact many others do the same thing you have a passion for? I’ve questioned myself on why I continue to write and keep up with my blog for that very reason. Then I remember, there is only one me who says things in a way only I can say them. That goes for you too! What you have to say in your own way I bet will touch somebody even if you’re questioning that. I tell you that from experience. It’s the same case in anything else; whether you’re a teacher, nurse, artist, photographer, etc. Even if Continue reading

Enough Is Enough 

Have you ever gone through a season of just not feeling good enough? Like you didn’t measure up? I definitely can say I have and it wasn’t that long ago. I brought some questions to God like: Why am I comparing myself so much? Why do I let the dumbest things get to me? How do I get out of feeling this way? Coming out of that season Continue reading

Chasing Dreams In Mom Land

Entering into what I like to call “mom land” got me thinking about things I want to accomplish for my daughter and future children. I’ve been inching closer and closer to completing college by working around my husband and daughters schedule. God’s grace has also played a big role with keeping an A in a math class so far. If you know me, math has never been my thing. I’m the person who says, “Man…. it feels like I’ve Continue reading

Made On Purpose

When I look around a stadium, busy street, classroom or church full of people I don’t only see faces. I see a bunch of purposes. I image if every single person was/is seeking to live out the story God wrote for them.

I was talking to someone about how I went through a difficult time of Continue reading

Heart of worship 

Growing up I attended church and that’s all I really did, attended. I remember singing the songs and it felt awkward just standing there. I’d get impatient because I just wanted to sit and get to doodling already. After years of not attending church (because I drifted into other life happenings) something in me wanted to give church a try again. Jeff and I were in our first year of marriage living in Continue reading

What My Wall Collage Taught Me 

About three years ago my husband and I lived in a small one bedroom apartment. I really wanted to decorate the wall behind our couch and thought, “why not put up a wall collage”. I wish I could share a picture of that collage, but if I ever had one it’s untraceable now. At the time I had two medium size canvases and an old frame. I painted a random design on the canvases and instead of telling you about the frame, here is a picture of what I did with it:

Our anniversary date 

This collage was very small.  I remember looking at it imagining what else I’d add around it. Knowing me I didn’t want it look plain for  much longer. Well, it ended up staying the way it was the whole time we lived there.

At that time we found out we were pregnant. The first thing  I did was panic. I thought about the butt loads of stuff that comes with having a baby. Next thing you know we were packing up boxes to move into a 2 bedroom in the next building over because it better accommodated the both of us, a baby and two dogs. After getting more settled in I reset-up my wall collage. This time I put it in the dining room and added some more frames and canvases around it. I wish I also had a picture of this wall collage as well. With being sick throughout much of my pregnancy I guess I didn’t care to do that and setting it up was enough for me.

Not long after our daughter was born I ended up packing up the collage once again. My husband would be at work all day and our two dogs constantly needed to go in and out. With that going on and trying to focus on a newborn, it was time to get out of apartment living and find a house. We prayed to find a home with a fenced in backyard. After a lot of searching and praying God made a way and by that time I got pretty tired of moving. We literally moved once and sometimes twice a year for the past 7 years. We got the boxes unpacked and furniture moved in. Then I saw it. The wall! It is off to the side of living room and perfect for my next wall collage set up. This is what it started out as compared to living here over some time:

Beginning of 2016

The whole point in sharing this with you is not keep blabbering on about my wall collages, but talk about what I actually learned from them. It started out small, in a place I am no longer at. The set up remained one way for a longer amount of time than I wanted it to. I couldn’t wait to add around the peices I already had. Eventually the collage expanded more within the new places we went. Empty frames got filled, pictures got replaced and new colors were added to some pieces. It’s just like when we are going through different seasons in our life; Sometimes we become unsatisfied with how things look and can’t wait for  more to be added to us. We don’t want to be stuck or look as if we’re behind. We want growth. The thing is growth happens over time, not overnight. God fills our “empty frames” with his love, kindness and teachings. He adds color to the dullness and changes it up on his time, but know you have to put work in as well. I eventually ended up realizing: “That is a place I’m no longer at but the place I needed to be at that time.” Patience really is a virtue.

This brought me to Luke 16:10; which says, “If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones. But if you are dishonest in little things, you won’t be honest with greater responsibilities.”

Comparing the first wall collage to an updated one demonstrates the way God works in our lives. The way he plants a seed and it takes time to grow into that developed flower. It reminds me of all the seasons he gets us through and how He brings things together on his perfect timing. Even though I couldn’t find any pictures of my older wall collages there was a blessing that came out of searching for them. It caused me to look back and reflect on all that God has done within those seasons. Right now my favorite piece on the wall is this frame:

It says, “Start each day with a grateful heart.” When I am feeling down this helps me focused on the blessings surrounding me in the now. If you’re feeling discouraged I want to encourage you to put this quote somewhere in your house or maybe even in the car on a post-it note. I also want you to go look at those older pictures on your Facebook, Instagram or wherever you store them. You’ll be surprised to see how far you’ve actually come.

God carries us through each season and not only by bringing us more “stuff,” but He teaches us who we are in him. He gives us wisdom when we seek it and carries us through when we caste our cares on Him.

The Narrow Path 

On the narrow path we still deal with life’s issues. Being a Christian doesn’t mean we won’t face some tough stuff. Moments come up when we deal with an offence, unforgivness, jealously, temptation, and rudeness. The car may brake down or you now have a leak in the roof. All are challenging situations to overcome Continue reading