Whitening Coffee Stains

Being A Coffee Lover Who Also Wants to Keep A Bright Smile

     Most days I am on the go with being a mom and college student, so of course I need my daily cup of coffee or two. Being the coffee lover that I am has come with something I don’t love so much, yellowing of teeth. Anyone who knows me, knows I won’t give up my coffee easily. Smile Brilliant was the perfect solution to gaining back a brighter smile while I could still enjoy a cup of coffee.


My experience with store-bought products vs. Smile Brilliant

    I have tried a store bought whitening product in the past. I didn’t like the way the product felt on my teeth. I’d even question if I was really doing the job because I wasn’t seeing results I hoped for. When first receiving my Smile Brilliant kit I was amazed by all it came with and how it’s works. Clear step by step directions where provided. What makes Smile Brilliant unique is that you get to send in a mold of your teeth that is used to create custom trays that fit around your teeth perfectly. It not only comes with the whitening gel syringe, but a desensitizing gel syringe as well. The desensitizing gel helps with tooth sensitivity and prevents future staining. Each syringe holds gel for up to 3-4 whitening sessions. That’s pretty awesome! Another thing I love about the trays are that the gel doesn’t leak out when applying the proper amount since they cup to my teeth so well. It made the process so much more comfortable.

When to Whiten

     When it comes to whitening, you can do it at any time of the day that works best for you. My favorite times to whiten would be while watching Netflix after dinner, cleaning my house, getting ready for the day and even while hanging out with friends. The trays fit my teeth so well, I could still carry on normal conversations as ease. If you have a busy day ahead of you, you could even whiten while running an errand. The trays are clear, not making them very noticeable.

Happy with My Results

    I can honestly say I am happy with my results after using Smile Brilliant. My husband has also noticed the difference as well. I feel more confident about my teeth and want to continue on whitening since I do love my coffee! If you’ve been interested in brightening your smile, I highly recommend going to with Smile Brilliant. You will get to whiten in a unique and much more comfortable way, leaving you much more satisfied with your teeth whitening experience.

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